Disable Skype home window from popping up

With the latest updates of Skype we got an extra present: an annoying Skype Home window popup! I dont like popups so I needed a solution to prevent this from happening.

It appears that before opening the Skype Home window, the application checks if an domain called apps.skype.com is available. When it cannot find it, it aborts the process.

Adding this line to my %WIN%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file prevented the Skype Home window from popping up on my machine:                apps.skype.com

I’am not sure if it kills or breaks usefull functionality, but up until now everything continues to work fine.

This solution should also work on Mac OS and Linux but you’ll have to look for the exact location of the hosts file yourselfs.

If your not comfortable with changing the hosts file, have a look at Andrews’ Kill Skype Home (KSH).

Happy Skyping!

September 7th, 2011 - Posted in thingies | | 0 Comments