Mantis plugin paste image from clipboard

Finally I’ve implemented the possibility to paste images from your clipboard directly into a bug report. We all know how difficult it is to post a really descriptive bug report and after all images speaks bookparts ;)

Credits: It’s made possible by a guy called lassebunk. You can find his blog over here.

- Mantis 1.1.8
- Lassebunk’s PasteImageApplet

1. Download mantis_screenshot_plugin.rar and replace the files in your Mantis installation
2. Download the
3. Create the following directories in you Mantis root:
/plugin/pasteimageapplet/shots and CHMOD 777
4. Copy the files tst.jar and shoot.php to /plugin/pasteimageapplet

Example bugreport:


And thats it!

January 6th, 2010 - Posted in thingies | | 3 Comments