Wordpress SPAM II - Anti spam measures continues

Well, that didn’t seem to have done the job, apparently the bot reads in the form before posting its message.  Which is the good news! She doesn’t blindly scan for wp titles on pages obtained through a google search (or by selecting ip ranges for that matters).

Today I’ll add in an extra dynamic form field which is inserted just before the onsubmit.  An extra input field is dynamically inserted with DOM->appendChild(), which I’ll call “wordpress_anti_spam_measure_B” . Lets see how that works!

function wordpress_anti_spam_measure_B( oFORM ) {
if (oFORM) {
oINPUT = document.createElement("INPUT");
oINPUT.setAttribute("type", "text");
oINPUT.setAttribute("name", "wordpress_anti_spam_measure_B");
return true;

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